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My name is Jade Anderson and i've been in camp since I was 10 years old, I am now 16 so it's been 6 years. My twin brother, Griffin, is my bestfriend next to my boyfriend of almost 3 years. My cousin, Sage, has been at camp since she was 5 and I usually stay with her on holidays. my mother ignores Griffin and I ever since she got married and became carrer crazy. She doesn't have time for her kids or anyone in her family. Even her sister in which we live with. I'm a daughter of Ares so I come off as scary but i'm really not, I only get angry when provroked(usually). I like to spend time with friends and family and try to be with people as much as possible.
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Basic InformationName: Jade
Basic Information
Name:  Jade Abigail Anderson
Age:  16
Gender:  female
Ethnicity: Italian and Greek
Birthplace: Florida
Current Residence: Long Island
Height: 5’5
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthday: May 16th, 1996
Zodiac: Taurus
Eye Color:  green
Hair Color:  Black
Physical Description:  short and skinny (athletic body), her black hair reaches the middle of her back and is pin straight. She has ever changing highlights but usually they are red. She often is smirking and looks very smug with herself
Species (choose from Half-Blood- if Half-Blood specify if Greek or Roman, faun or satyr, nymph- water or tree):  Greek Half-Blood
Good Traits:  Good friend, tough in a fight, loyal
Flaws:  can come off as scary, aggressive when angry
Good Habits:  exercises a lot, keeps touch will all friends
Bad Habits:  when angry or sad she becomes mean to even the closet friends
Any weird habits?:  she stretches when she’s nervous
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Short love story 1
The shade of the tree slowly retreated as the day went on, but even with the hot sun beating down on me couldn't break my consentration as I wrote a short story for my english class. Suddenly I felt a lack of words, "Damn writers block" I hissed under my breath and slowly got up, leaving my notebook forgotten in the lushus, green grass. "Amber?" My mother's voice rang out from inside the house.
"Ya, Ma?" I said walking to the door.
"The new neighbors are gonna come over for dinner tonight, I want you on your best behavior"
"Of course" With that I walked up to my room to get ready for dinner
******Dinner Time******
I sat across from our neighbors son, Anakin, at the dinner table. As our parents chatted loudly about the city, Anakin and I blankly stared at each other and picked at our meals. Anakin was pretty cute, with shaggy blonde hair and dark black eyes your could just barely see. He was wearing a blue & black plaid, button up shirt and black pants. As we finished dinner our parents
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8th grade grad by Sage5598goddessZues 8th grade grad :iconsage5598goddesszues:Sage5598goddessZues 0 0
Jillian's Rules To Live By: #1
#1: No circus animals in the house BUT MOSTLY THE LIVING ROOM
I pulled into the drive way of my small home to see my youngest sister at age 4 peeking out of the door. Being curious I looked at her, "What's wrong Savannah?" I asked until she ran into the house screaming, "SISSY HOME SISSY HOME!!!" I got out of the car and grabbed my purse and shopping bags and trudged up the house. On the way up the walk way I almost stepped in a large animal dropping, "EW! Gross! What the heck could have left that!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as i stepped over the muliptle droppings which seemed to come from different animals. I walked up to the screen door and pulled hard to realize my siblings had locked the door. I dropped all my bags and fumbled for my key that hung aroud my neck. When I finally succeeded in finding the right key I picked up the bags and tried the regular door to find it ALSO happened to be locked. Not wanting to put the bags down again I put all 6 on one arm/hand and grabbed the keys. B
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I watched Edeline walk down the street. Her black hair fanned around her as she clutched her notebook to her chest. She's my best friend, but I like her. You know what, I don't think I like her, I think I love her. Suddenly I saw her big, bright green eyes trained on mine and she gave me her famous half smile. I smiled back and waved, as she seemed about to start running over someone called her from the top of the steep hill to bring her home. I had thought about telling her many times and even hinted a few times, we would flirt and the next day go back to her being one of the guys.
*next day*
I sat in my living room watching TV, rain poured down heavily outside, lighting lit up the dark room and thunder clapped outside. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door and sprinted to get it. Just as I was about to open the door I had a realization that I had on no shirt and a pair of plaid pajama pants, I grabbed my sweat shirt and zipped it up. I finally opened the door and saw a soaking wet Ede
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:bulletpurple: Writing and things done on the computer :bulletblue:


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United States
My name's Jillian, i'm 14, an avid reader, i've got an active imangiation, and I love writing!!!!

:bulletpurple: Things you should know :bulletblue:
:bulletpurple: I can't draw well so i make stuff on the computer :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: I want to be an author :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: My favorite colors are purple and blue :bulletblue:
  • Listening to: Teenagers-My Chemical Romance
  • Reading: Josie Griffin is not a Vampire
  • Watching: Spongebob
  • Playing: Pokemon Black 2
  • Eating: Doritos
  • Drinking: V8 mixed with lemon flavored water
Well hello there my dear friends that are never on so I don't know why i'm writing this....
But anyways so if you couldn't tell by my newest ID i have dyed my hair again.....and after I took that, well a few weeks later, I got my braces off :D Also if you couldn't tell by the picture I am being Columbia from Rocky Horror for halloween :3

Anyone read Mark of Athena? I finished it on Friday, I personally thought it was way better then Son of Neptune and equal to The Lost Hero.
I also got the new Pokemon Black 2 and I got the 6th gym badge and then my dsi froze and it went back to before the 5th gym badge which I had a A LOT of trouble on....

Back to Greek Mythology, in my English class we are doing Greek Mytholgy and we have to make our own Greek Hero and write a myth about them. Naturally I used Sage cause she is already created her xD Anyone want to give me a quest to send her on? It can't have to do with the books though, it has to do with the orignally Greek Myths.....

Anyways that's it for now....i'll write in maybe another month xD

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